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Modification to the present terms and conditions

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Personal information

We obtain certain personal information with respect to the people using our Site when the latter decide to contact us via the Site. We obtain at this time the name, surname, e-mail address as well as the message which is sent to us. Our policy with respect to personal information obtained is subject to the applicable legislation in Quebec, namely An Act Respecting the Protection of Personal Information in the Private Sector as well as other applicable legislative and regulatory provisions. We undertake to respect these laws and regulations and, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, will ensure to maintain the confidentiality of the information set out above which is furnished to us. This information will never be used outside of Atchison Perrault without your prior consent unless we are required by law to share this information with a public authority.

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With respect to the messages which are sent to us by users of the Site, we confirm that we will communicate with such users promptly. We suggest that your message set out, in general terms, the parametres of the information which you wish to communicate to us and that more detailed, relevant or sensitive information be communicated to us later on once you have been contacted directly by a lawyer of Atchison Perrault. It is clearly understood that the sending of a message to Atchison Perrault by way of the Site does not create a lawyer-client relationship. The lawyer-client relationship is only created after a consultation in person or over the phone with a lawyer of Atchison Perrault which leads to the establishment of a clear mandate.

Electronic information

We will obtain certain information which are not personal, including the computer system and navigation system which you use as well as the domain name of the internet site from which you establish a link to the Site. When you visit the Site, we will introduce certain information on your computer (generally called a “cookie”). Cookies enable us to preserve certain information with respect of the use of our Site, including the day and hour of visits, the files which are downloaded and the pages consulted. Cookies also allow us to adapt our Site in order to better serve the interests and the preferences of internet users. Atchison Perrault does not make any link between the information obtained in this matter and your personal information which is referred to above.

Our marketing e-mails to which we attach our newsletters contain a “web beacon pixel” in order to tell us whether the e-mails have been opened. The web beacon pixel can also be used with other technology in order to determine whether you have clicked on the links which are in our e-mails. We use this information in order to determine which e-mails are the most interesting and also to determine if users who do not open our e-mails still wish to receive them. The web beacon pixel will be deleted at the same time that you delete the e-mail. You are free to not click on the links in the marketing e-mails which we send to you. The information obtained by way of the web beacon pixel can be linked to your personal identity.

Please note that the most internet navigators would allow you to suppress the use of cookies on the hard drive of your computer to block them or to receive a warning before they are introduced.

Terms and conditions of the Confidentiality Policy

Atchison Perrault hereby reserves its right to modify the present Confidentiality Policy.

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